Top Five Must Have Android Apps

Top Five Must Have Android Apps

Android is a free mobile operating system based upon a modified version of the Linux operating system and other open-source software, mainly for touch screen mobile phones, including tablets and smartphones. The Android code has been licensed under the GNU General Public License, which gives the user free rein to use and modify the program. The Android code can be freely distributed without any major commercial agreement. There are several user community developed around Android, whose principal aim is to support the Android users. They help improve the quality and efficiency of Android devices and extend their help in fixing bugs of the Android software.

Android has revolutionized the mobile operating systems. It has created a new platform that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is user friendly and has a simple interface. Users can download and use many applications, which were not available for the iPhones and Blackberries. Android runs efficiently on the Linux platform and can also be installed as a portable application. As more people switch to Android phones, companies providing mobile devices want to ensure they have a smooth experience with their Android partners.

An individual, who wants to develop an application for Android devices, needs to abide by the license terms given by the Android consortium. The main principle is to provide users with a ‘free-of-perception’ and ‘open-standards-based’ software experience. This principle was earlier adopted by the Open Source Mobile Open Source Project. Android uses a code-based approach for license compliance, allowing the user to use the software on unlimited numbers of Samsung and HTC smartphones and tablets running the Kit Kat platform. The Android Open Source Project also ensures all devices that run the Android system have the same hardware specification and run the same version number of software programs.

The advantage of Android over iOS is that it is based on an open-source system, which allows developers to write programs that run across multiple platforms. There are several different versions of Android: the Android Kit Kat (AKG), Kit Kat, Gingerbread, and Ice Cream. Each of these has their own different specifications and features. Despite the different versions of Android OS, many developers prefer to develop for the Android Kit Kat OS since this provides a platform that is very easy to work with.

Many of today’s high-end smartphones have the Android kitkat engine, including the HTC Desire HD and the Galaxy S III. Android apps can run on any of these phones – the only thing that limits them is the memory size of the devices. Many people who like to download different apps for their Android devices would prefer to download apps from Google Play because they can be guaranteed to work on any of the android phones that have the same interface as their chosen handset.

The Honeycomb OS is based on the Android Kit Kat operating system. Although it is not considered an official release, many people who have tested the Android app on their devices have said that it is as functional as any other mobile operating system out there. The Honeycomb OS gives users access to Android’s “Honeycomb” user interface, which is comprised of two separate panels – one for the dinner and the phone’s home screen. The Honeycomb screen follows the Gmail and Google Reader layout, which make it easier for users to navigate around their phones. Like the Kit Kat mobile app, users can also use the Honeycomb widget on their tablets or their laptops.

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