Why Xchange?

Over the counter trading is risky. As a result, third-party services have stepped in to reduce risk. However, these services can be expensive and untrustworthy.

Xchange solves this with an in-wallet escrow feature which removes the human element and makes it possible for users to trade with no third party risk.

Now, you can trade with confidence.

Let the trading begin!

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Features & Tech

Total Supply

100M XCG
Premine 2.7M XCG

Algo: X16R

Proof of Work
GPU and CPU Friendly
ASIC Resistant and 51% Attack Proof

XBuffer/TSA retarg algo

Block Time

2 Minutes 30 Seconds

Block Reward

POW = 4 XCG | MN = 6 XCG

IN-Wallet Escrow and Auction House

Safely trade peer-to-peer with built-in auto escrow. Trade your favorite cryptocurrency in our wallet's Auction House
Patent Pending.


50,000 XCG Collateral,
Stable ROI 100% until Block 185,280

Multi-coin wallet

Multi-coin remote node wallet for fast and secure transactions. (Planned)

Instant Send

Your time is valuable. InstantSend payments confirm in less than a second


Protect your financial information. PrivateSend ensures your activity history and balances are private

Xchange Utility

The core team has many useful features planned for Xchange, however, these will be announced in the future as the In-Wallet Multi-Coin Escrow Trading platform is preeminent.

In-Wallet Multi-Coin Escrow Trading

Dedicated investors know that timing can be everything. They understand that getting in early can open the floodgates of incredible ROI. They also know that that the best opportunities often occur long before a coin is listed on an exchange. So, they scour the crypto community, the forums, Discord, Telegram etc, looking for OTC trading opportunities. When they find a seller, the issue then becomes how do we make this trade safely? Unfortunately, many have been hit by scammers who never fulfill their end of the bargain and walk away with the funds. Xchange solves this by allowing P2P trades, in-wallet, with any combination of coins (except for those that have been blacklisted as scams). The process is automated, anonymous, and secure.


Q2 2019

Q3 2019

Q4 2019








Xchange is committed to giving back. We have decided to start a Masternode that will run for charity. You are welcome to buy XCG from the charity node as ALL proceeds will go to charity, no fees and no 45% CEO pay.


Concrete Coders strives to transform the lives of at-risk youth. We accomplish this by having them work in collaborative environments to achieve their goal of solving problems that exist in their communities.

If you have any questions about Concrete Coders or 4th Family, please reach out: Bryan Mooney –




For more information about Sick Kids visit.

*Please note: we are going to give 50% to both Sick kids and Concrete Coders for the span of 3 months at which time we will choose different charitable organizations. We invite the community to suggest their favorite charitable organizations for the next round.