How to Become an Android Developer – Where to Find Android Job Opportunities

How to Become an Android Developer – Where to Find Android Job Opportunities

A smartphone or Android developer is a person who develops different mobile or web applications that help people in daily activities. For example, he can create a shopping application that helps a user to buy a product or a game that is designed to entertain him. So, when you ask what is an Android developer, the answer would be, he is a software engineer who specializes in creating apps for the Android market. There are many organizations that hire such individuals and train them to develop apps for their users. These apps are then sold to a wide range of users.

Some of the companies which provide training for Android developers include Google, Microsoft, Zynga, and Foursquare. Some of these companies require a certain amount of investment before they will train the person who is willing to work on these apps. Others do not require any kind of investment at all.

There are various ways on how to become an Android developer. The training programs available are also very specific. To start with, a company will train the candidate on how to write, debug, use and manage Android. After which, the software engineer is allowed to explore various aspects of Android and use it for making the app according to his own discretion.

The company will provide training on the most popular Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S II, Blackberry Play, HTC Desire HD, Sony Ericsson SGH-T989, Nokia N8 and others. Some of these trainings include the installation of the devices, data and settings transfer, setting up and editing of code, handling of data packets, connecting to devices, sending and receiving data packets etc. Most of these trainings will also include the usage of tools available for creating and deploying the apps on the different Android devices. In some of the training, a person is taught about different functionalities of these apps.

There are several companies which allow the candidates to work in their office in their pajamas and still continue to attend the Android developer training sessions. This way, a person does not have to attend any office premises or go anywhere at all. This means that they can work as they please from the comfort of their homes.

While looking for a job on Google’s job site, you can check the company website of the company you are interested in. If this company has an opportunity where you can work from home, you might be able to land that job.

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