Top 5 Video Editing Software

Top 5 Video Editing Software

No matter your experience level or ambitions for creating cinematic masterpieces, selecting an appropriate editing software is of vital importance. Beginners might look towards user-friendly programs like iMovie, Filmora and Shotcut while professionals often gravitate toward customizable platforms with multiple functions and features like Final Cut Pro X.

Many editing software packages feature stabilization features to reduce or eliminate shaky footage, which can be especially helpful to beginners in saving valuable editing time and effort.


iMovie is one of the premier video editing programs for home users. Offering high-resolution editing and green screen effects, iMovie makes an excellent choice for student projects or vacation videos alike.

Easy Video Editor was designed with user friendliness in mind and offers a low ramp-up time, seamless compatibility with Apple devices, and features like trimming clips, adding music or voiceovers and performing basic visual effects as its core capabilities.

Features of the program include being able to add titles at the beginning of a project and captions or subtitles for accessibility, supporting multiple font styles and adjusting text timing accordingly to suit any movie theme.


Filmora takes advantage of machine learning technology by offering several smart tools that simplify and enhance your editing experience. For instance, its AI Audio Denoise tool eliminates background noise in audio files while its AI Audio Stretch tool uses generative AI to lengthen or shorten video clips without losing quality.

Filmora offers an extensive range of image and audio editing tools to give you complete control over your footage, such as 3D Lut, video stabilization, green screen support, advanced text editing features and much more.

Filmora offers comprehensive editing tools as well as excellent user support and file compatibility support, featuring an expansive knowledge base and tutorials designed to address any potential difficulties with its software.

HitFilm Free

HitFilm Free gives you all of the features necessary to produce high-quality video content without incurring a subscription cost. Its stylish user interface and advanced text tools make it suitable for both novice and expert video editing alike, while its stunning visual effects – keying and color correction/grading tools offer outstanding visuals – provide outstanding results.

Version 2022 of Adobe Premiere Pro offers several notable new features. These include a stroke effect that lets users paint lines along paths and vector stroke effects that allow users to create vector lines or patterns. Furthermore, there’s also a crop/pan/zoom effect, useful for creators working with 4K/8K video footage; plus GoPro FX reference effects and new shape mask tools.

As part of its offering, Adobe Spark provides many useful tutorials and classes to assist beginners with learning the software, while not leaving pesky watermarks behind on your content.


Clipchamp provides a comprehensive set of tools and features for producing professional-quality videos, including its intuitive editing timeline that makes getting started easier for beginners.

The tool offers a selection of preloaded templates designed specifically to highlight vacation photos on Instagram or create family slideshows on Facebook. Users can easily adjust backgrounds and colors – such as brightness and saturation levels – in just a few clicks.

Furthermore, this app includes an in-built video resizer for various aspect ratios and supports up to 4K video resolution. Furthermore, there is an automatic silence-finding and removal feature. Furthermore, Brand Kit space offers users a secure place to store fonts, colors and logos used frequently by their brand.

Final Cut

Final Cut Pro, developed and used for high-end video production by Apple, offers many features designed for both beginning and experienced editors alike. Its interface is consistent and user-friendly with customizable workspace capabilities and built-in titles styles and animations.

Magnetic timeline technology replaces traditional track-based workflow, keeping connected clips and secondary storylines synchronized with the primary storyline. Users can easily edit across multiple displays using keyboard shortcuts for quick moving and repositioning clips with ease. It has a powerful color workspace with scopes for viewing image details as well as HDR workflow support with tools for grading and tone mapping, and enhanced performance on macOS Catalina such as faster playback speeds on M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips.

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