First Android Smartphone

First Android Smartphone

Android is a fast-growing open-source mobile operating system originally developed for touch-screen mobile phones and tablets, based on a modified form of the Linux kernel and various other open source applications, designed primarily for touch-screen mobile devices. The Android software stack consists of the core user interface, middle-ware, and hardware drivers. Android utilizes the Linux kernel as its main operating system. Android was developed by a group of Google engineers under the name “Open Handset Alliance.” A number of mobile device manufacturers have licensed the Android software development kit (SDK) to develop Android applications, which are based on the Linux kernel.

The Android operating system is used in a variety of touch-screen mobile devices including Smartphones and tablets as well as digital camera phones and netbooks. The Android support also extends to the televisions and several home media players such as DVDs and CDs. The Android support also covers automobiles, including cars and trucks. The Android support allows third-party apps to run on top of your existing OS if you have that feature or use a custom ROM. The latest version of Android is 4.4.

Android was launched in 2021 and was initially meant to be a project of Google. But later it was purchased by the Samsung Group and released to the open-source market. Google gave a special treat to those who bought the android version of their mobile operating system by providing two free updates every year. The most recent release of android version is Honeycomb. The latest release of Android is based on the Kit Kat 4.4 design which is based on the Android platform’s roots.

Google has made a radical decision to bring Android to mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and even laptops running Windows Mobile. Users will love this new feature of Android as it can be used just like Windows Mobile. You can easily use the same apps that you already have on your windows Mobile handset.

One of the biggest differences between Android and Windows Mobile is the home screen. Android users are not locked-in to using the same home screen that they use on their smartphones. You can use your existing smartphone background and change it for the new android version. This will make your smartphone looks new and different and you will feel that your old smartphone is now a part of your new mobile device.

Google’s biggest challenge is that it has to convince developers to develop more apps for Android rather than its old OS. It is believed that a majority of developers are scared of the new operating system and do not want to develop more applications for this new mobile OS. Developers have a lot to lose as Android apps could not be sold on the first day of its launch. But with more developers are signing up every day for Google Android project, it is expected that the first android smartphone will soon enter the market.

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