4 reasons why contact centres need CRM?

4 reasons why contact centres need CRM?

A CRM(Customer Relationship Management) is a technology, tool, or strategy that a company or an organization uses to interact and build relationships with customers and potential customers. A CRM system usually uses data analysis to studying customers to improve business performance.

A CRM system integration with a contact centre can help agents with customer information data which can help in more dynamic engagement with customers. Also, it is easy to track customer journeys using integrated CRM. The centralized database can help it is easy to manage customers across all platforms the customer interacts with.

Here are 4 reason why the contact centre needs a CRM system

Multiple channels for communication

In the modern digital landscape, customers will interact with a company or an organization with multiple channels and choose different channels that they are comfortable with. For example, if a customer uses mail to interact with a company to inquire about product details and was unsatisfied with the information, later the same customer uses a phone to call to inquire about the product to know more information, With CRM the agent can get previous customer interaction information for more contextual conversations. Without CRM, agents might ask the customer for information, again and again, each time the customer interacts. The CRM system can funnel all the customer information and past interactions to the agent in real-time regardless of the channels, which can save effort and time for both agents and customers. In recent times with emerging CX market places like VOIZ, you can integrate CRM and run your remote CX in one place with seamless integration. 

Centralized Database

The CRM systems provide centralized data management and agents can have customer’s data at his/her disposal when they are interacting through multiple channels. The agents can know customer’s personal information, previous interactions, which channel, and many others for better contextual and personalized interactions. Agents can save time and effort with CRM systems, focusing their energy on better customer service.


A CRM system can save time and effort for agents as well as for customers. With that, an agent can do resolve more customer issues or queries in a period of time. The real-time data metrics and KPIs can help improve marketing strategies for improving leads which save money on other third-party services. And by using remote CX workers working on a gig rather than employing in house, you can collaborate with market places like VOIZ you get to use their CRM as well as a package. 

Evaluate Agents

In contact centres, it is important to evaluate the agents occasionally to recognize the agent’s performance. Contact centres with integrated CRM systems can help monitor agent performance or a team’s performance and understand their strengths and weaknesses. And with an inbuilt dashboard at VOIZ, you can view the KPIs and analytics in a single view. Managers or team leaders can identify who are underperforming and give them proper feedback and training for better performance. This can help the overall consistency of the contact centre and help improve customer service. Click here to find out ways to motivate agents(link to motivate agents)

Is CRM worth it in a contact centre?

Contact centre or a CX marketplace like VOIZ, in this digital landscape, generates a lot of data daily and without CRM is, it is difficult to analyze data efficiently in a limited time. Also, companies can track customers through multiple channels which is a complex process with a CRM system. A CRM system can help save time and effort from both agent’s and the customer’s end. Contact centre with CRM systems can have better customer satisfaction.

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