The Great Android Debate

The Great Android Debate

Android is a smartphone operating system based upon a modified version of the Linux OS and other open source applications, mainly for touch screen mobile phones like tablets and smartphones. Android is the open-source application platform developed by Samsung to run their own mobile operating systems on various mobile handsets. In 2021, Samsung Group released their own mobile operating system for the high-end smartphones manufactured by them – the Galaxy S and Note series. It was a complete revamp of their already successful mobile OS. Its key feature is its multitasking abilities that allow users to perform several tasks simultaneously.

Samsung’s decision to develop their own mobile operating system resulted to an explosion in smartphone innovation. Many companies like Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Amazon, and Samsung have followed suit and developed their own unique user interfaces and features. However, all these companies have not been able to produce their own unique smartphones, as they have cross-developed software from the android open-source project. Cross-skinned apps are software programs written in a programming language like C++ or Java, using the Android SDK to allow use on different types of mobile devices. These cross-skinned applications can be installed in the background without users’ knowledge and can run on the Android device even when the user is not using it.

There are many advantages of having your own app on the android device. First, it provides you a huge marketplace where you can promote your app. The second advantage is that you don’t need to spend a large amount of money in launching an app on the market. Thirdly, Google gives the app a unique label that makes it stand out and get promoted easily. Fourthly, users find it easy to search and find apps by category based on functionality, location, and user reviews.

However, the disadvantages of Android are also present. First, Android uses the Linux Kernel, which is not reliable and secure. A number of devices, especially tablets have been affected by several security issues, such as the ” Jellybean” problem, which has affected the functioning of most applications. Moreover, the “Open Handset Alliance” has threatened to take Google to court over the way it modifies Android code. The OS based on Linux, like the iPhone and iPad, are more secure than the Android OS.

On the other hand, Apple’s iOS is more user friendly. Even users with little knowledge of development are able to install and run apps quickly and easily. It has developed excellent user interfaces, which provide a better browsing experience on iOS. In contrast, Android does not have a good user interface.

As Android is gaining popularity among smartphone users, developers are constantly looking for ways to make their existing android apps compatible with the new platform. However, this has made the life of end-users harder. The situation is further aggravated by various apps that use the android os but cannot be installed because of certain compatibility issues. As a result, users lose control over their smartphones and experience poor user experience, as they are unable to run the targeted application.

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